: It's a netscape / mozilla plugin that intercept url from embled tag ( into html page ) and send then to gsfdm, using corba bus : You can now download media files and watch then later, When you Want, As much time you Want...

All you need to know ( install, config, use.. ) is included in arch, html format.

Bug report
First release, Know bug :

-Corba may start servant ( gsfdm ) twice - corba bug
-Netscape doesn't register the mime :  "video/x-ms-asf-plugin". Mozilla doen't care, so if you want to get files of this
types ( in fact all embled to asf/asx in internet..), you have to use mozilla instead.
-Sometime plug's window doesn't refresh its state. Not important.
- Crash when loading a page : Could happen if no corba name server are running, there is still a property defined, without valid target ( for exemple after a crash of gnome-name-server ).  Try starting gnome-name-server ( or any other orbit / corba soft : gsfdm ) by yourself.

Orbit >= 0.5.3
Glib >= 1.2.6 ( dependencies from orbit )
Optional : Imlib2 >= 1.0.5 ( rendering of logo )
Optional : Gnome-core ( Displaying messages to user throw gnome_dialog tool )

Test Platforms
LINUX 2.4.16,
K6-3D 333Mhz, 196Mo, 24bpp
wmaker 0.62.1, XF86-4.2.0-10,
glibc 2.2.7, gnome 1.2.8, gtk 1.2.8

Other system ?? send me mail...

Because of some functionnalities, there is only SOURCE format. There WON'T have bin arch...

GBP-0.2-020423.tar.bz2( 200Kb)