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What GSFDM ??? it's an internet downloader ( yes, one more... again ) written in and for gnome. It's provide some new functionnalities, among plug-in support ( HTML, FTP, ASF for now... ), versative interface, session managing, able to end connection, Corba support, automatic url content parsing...
Full doc ( with full spelling mistakes ) in source file, html format.

Gsfdm_Browser_Plug: It's a netscape / mozilla plugin that intercept url from embled tag ( into html page ) and send then to gsfdm, using corba bus : You can now download media files and watch then later, When you Want, As much time you Want...  Use the Second page...

- Because I'm "bogged down" in a very boring and uninteresting job, again, don't miss to mail me whether you would like to extend your staff...

Bug report

2002/04/24 - 0.2.15

FIXED : Bug when parsing some ASX file, fine now, stupid regexp format...
FIXED : Minor graphics fixes and improvements
ADD : Kb/s of downloading
FIXED : Correct resize of log dlg
FIXED : bug display when using "down" button in historic
ADD : save size of historic and log dlg
2002/04/03 : patch. from 0.2.1 to 0.2.3
FIXED : In edit window, focus the good plug name
FIXED : When adding url, arrows buttons state change correctly
2002/03/28 : from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1
FIXED : forget a fucking test that made gsfdm crash on exit.
2002/03/27 : New release. 0.2.0
NEW : Add History / filtering
FIXED : Percent info now display correctly
ADDED : Show total size of file if availble
UNFIXED : When editing url, plugin isn't set on correct plug ( but data is correct )

2002/03/25 : from 0.1.0 to 0.1.3 ; bug fixed only with a patch

FIXED : Can't remove or initialize url after starting download.
FIXED : User's log file name don't match.
FIXED : White spaces at begin and end of url create a corrupted url
FIXED : Minor graphics correction
UNFIXED : When editing url, plugin isn't set on correct plug ( but data is correct )
UNFIXED : Percent info out of value ( with file > 1Mb ) so can't  comput correct timing. Doesn't affect download

A screenshot : Yes !!! it runs... some times
Watch a video after downloading it

Watching trailer after gotten it with gsfdm_browser_plug / gsfdm

Less gnome-1.2.8 toolkit, or newer.
GNOME PATH, in download section or from here
WGET for http and ftp support
ASFRECORD - SOURCE format - for asf support ; Found it by yourself or look closer... ( in fact, not really difficult )

Follow instructions ( html doc ) for compilling, install...

Test Platforms
LINUX 2.4.16,
K6-3D 333Mhz, 196Mo, 24bpp
wmaker 0.62.1, XF86-4.2.0-10,
glibc 2.2.7, gnome 1.2.8, gtk 1.2.8

Other system ?? send me mail...

Because of some functionnalities, there is only source format. There WON'T have bin arch...
untar with tar xvIf gsfdm-pre0_1-020318.tar.bz2

 gsfdm-0.2.15-020424.tar.bz2( 850 Kb )

gsfdm-0.2-020327.tar.bz2( 810Kb )
gsfdm_0-1-0_to_0-1-3.diff( 4 Kb )


 gsfdm-pre0_1-020318.tar.bz2 ( 750Kb )

Path for correction ( 4Kb ), apply on parent dir with :
patch -l -p0 < gsfdm_0-1-0_to_0-1-3.diff

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